Hello world!

Ahem, so. My last blogging adventure lasted through 33 posts. A new win for me. They were even almost, sort of consecutive, maybe a little. No, I’m not going to continue it now, although one might pop up every once in awhile. But that was last year’s adventure. New year, new adventure. Even new blogging site and name.
I have thoughts, lots of them. It gets rather crowded in my head at times. So, while the new year only, what, two weeks behind us? I finally decided on a resolution. I want to write. I want to actually get some of these thoughts out of my head and into the vast world of the internet where they belong.
This may or may not have been inspired by reading The Blogess’s blog all the way through to 2008. (Ok that was a lie, I don’t have that much of an attention span, it was November 2011.) And I think she’s a pretty cool lady, I like her website design, which only made me want to design my own website with my limited html skills. So one thing led to another and now here I am. So we shall see what becomes of this.
Oh! I just came up with a cool name! B+B Books and Bread! Course I’d need a third B, or something nifty. I wouldn’t only write about books and bread. Hmmm…B….
Dictionary.com just informed me that ADHD does not stand for attention deficit disorder. Well no shit, that’s ADD. The H is for hyperactivity. Two similar conditions but still different. Although as someone with ADD I can understand the confusion. Anyway, thesaurus.com was unhelpful in finding me a B word so I will simply wait before unveiling my awesome blog title.
Hmm… Books, Bread, and Brainwork. Or is that just stupid?
Would it be copyright infringement if I called it Bread, Books, and Beyond?


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