The Cal and Niko Series #6

Cover to Cal and Niko Novel #6So I just finished the sixth book in the Cal and Niko series. I thought it was the last book the series but while googling for a picture of the cover I discovered another book due out in March, “Doubletake.”

This book was very different from the others, Cal wakes up on a beach with no memory of who he is. Right off the bat he acts differently from the Cal in other novels. He is still the same snarky killer but with a conscience apparently. Which me makes note of, a lot. I’d estimate about a third of the book is Cal’s inner voice telling himself that what he’s doing is right, or feeling about people he did kill. It gets rather annoying after awhile.

Niko also acts differently in this book, I won’t get much into it so I won’t spoil anything but the way he was acting seemed forced. Sometimes it make sense, but others I’m  really confused.

The rebound from everything that happened in this book should be interesting to read about in the next. And to see what sort of lasting effects everything will have on Cal.

I’d give this novel a 3 out of 5

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