think happy thoughts

So my best friend has cancer. Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. Its been just over a year now since she was diagnosed three weeks before Christmas.

I hate it, I hate it so much that I can’t make things better for her. She had to move back home for treatment almost two hours away from me. between work and school I couldn’t see her nearly as often as I wanted to. I miss being able to pop over to her place for a movie or one of our favorite shows whenever I wanted.

But you want to know what I’ve realized I hate the most? You know how once you’re made aware of something you start to see it everywhere? Since being involved in my friend’s cancer I’ve been more aware of cancer around me, the fundraisers, the the ribbons, everything.

And all of it is for breast cancer; it pisses me off. I’m all for fighting against breast cancer, but there are a lot more kinds of cancer than just the ones that attacks the chest. But do you ever see fundraisers or ribbons for those? No, its always breast cancer. All fundraisers go to fund breast cancer research. Where’s the love for the rest of the cancers? They cause just as much pain and death as breast cancer, many cause so much more.

Instead people concern themselves with the boobs, the ta-ta’s. Which tells me something about people’s priorities. Why can’t we just have a basic cancer ribbon? A fight against cancer month? I don’t think black history should get its own month (more on that later) nor do I think a specific cancer should get its own  month. It’s unfair to the families of other cancer victims.

What is your opinion on this?


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