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Ruling of Prop. 8

The federal appeals court finally ruled the Prop. 8 is unconstitutional today. It’s about time. Of course it’s unconstitutional. I honestly, really, truly, don’t understand why so many think homosexuals shouldn’t be allowed to marry. I mean, so what if they do? Does allowing them this somehow lessen the meaning of a marriage between heterosexuals? They’re just asking for a basic right everyone has, you could still easily live your life without ever knowing a homosexual couple.

People bring up the argument that marriage is an act before God, and God does not approve of homosexuality. So…. does that mean my atheist boyfriend and myself, who is agnostic, shouldn’t be allowed to marry? Who says marriage has to have anything to do with religion for every couple. If a couple wants to get married in a Church, they have that right. If a couple wants to get married in a sacred forest, that’s their right.

Another argument is that homosexuals cannot have children together so it’s unnatural. So does that mean that my aunt, who has never been able to have children, should not have been allowed to marry her husband. Does that make her marriage unnatural? And with advances in genetics and in-vitro fertilization children for homosexual couples is hardly impossible.

A funny thing, (well, not really funny) is that a lot of the arguments used against same sex marriages are the same arguments that were used against interracial marriages. I wonder when people will learn that their arguments just don’t work. Unless someone can explain them to me?

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